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Pure goodness!

Mineral-rich and nutritious, seaweeds provide more vitamins and minerals per gram than any other food source!

They vitalize fluids while protecting and cleansing our cells. Seaweeds build and nourish our blood. Suspended in the watery portion of our blood, or plasma, are the 100 or so organic and inorganic solutes present in sea water in almost the exact same proportions as sea water. Our plasma nourishes us just as the waters of the ocean nourish all the life that dwells within her. Plasma supports all our cellular functions by bathing the cells of our body with essential nutrients while removing toxins. Consumption of seaweeds potentize both these actions.

For example, brown kelps not only supply generous amounts of calcium, phosphorus, and iodine, but also contain polysaccharides (called fucoidans) and alginates shown to destroy cancer cells and bind up and remove heavy metals and radiation from our tissues, and combat viruses. Red kelps are high in protein and active against herpes and other viruses.

In general, seaweeds increase vital fluids; have a softening, soothing, harmonizing effect which dispels rigidity and calms the nerves, detoxifies and lubricates tissues, assists in weight loss, protects female reproductive tissues, tones the nervous system, supports circulation and cardiovascular health, balances the thyroid and endocrine system, soothes and regulates the digestive tract, provides soluble fiber to assist digestion, intestinal flora, and absorption of nutrients, nourishes the lungs, lymphatic and immune systems, helps build healthy bones, alkalizes the blood, and promotes health and well-being.

In short, seeweeds are a pure life-nourishing and life-enhancing food source!
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