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IN THE BATH ~ Seaweed in the bath feels great, detoxifies the body through the skin and conditions hair beautifully. Therapuetic thassotherapy (soaking) with seaweed has been enjoyed for millennia. Can be applied to burns, wounds, aches or bruises.

RAW GOODNESS ~ Many varieties of seaweed are delicious eaten sun-dried and raw. Eat seaweed raw for greatest medicinal benefit. Nori, Sea Palm, and Wakame are all snackable and tasty when raw or lightly toasted. Excellent with nuts or seeds. Add a spray of tamari and cayenne for a real treat.

JUST ADD WATER ~ Dried seaweed may be rehydrated, and even marinated or pickled, then incorporated into salads or cooked food. You may want to rehydrate and chop wakame into desired size before using. Cut out the thick stipe which runs the length of each leaf.

SHAKE IT UP ~ Well-dried Nori or Sea Whip can be crumbled into flakes to be used as condiments with any food (popcorn, for example.) All varieties, well dried, can be ground in a food mill or good blender to create flakes or powder. Keep flaked or powdered seaweed handy for convenient use.


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