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Laminaria Digitata

A brown kelp. High in medicinal gel, sodium alginate. When cooked with beans, improves their digestibility. Contains natural glutamates; enhances flavors of other foods. Great for soups, miso broth. Excellent for skin and hair.

1/4 lb. - $12.00
1 lb.     - $38.00

Alaria marginata

A brown kelp. High in fucoidan, sodium alginate, helps prevent and reduce tumors, anti-viral. Richest in calcium and potassium. Excellent marinated in seaweed salad.

1/4 lb. - $12.00
1 lb.     - $38.00

Sea Palm
Postelsia palmaformis

A brown kelp. Tasty, crunchy, good for snacking. Versatile and delicious. Like flat noodles when cooked. Popular with children & adults alike.

1/4 lb. - $12.00
1 lb.     - $40.00

Fucus vesiculosus

Traditionally considered to be the most medicinal sea vegetable. Fucus is very high in gel and iodine.
Used therapeutically for hypertension, thyroid conditions, & more. Contains precursor T-3 and T-4 thyroid hormones. Use freshly ground, or whole, raw Fucus.

1/4 lb. - $16.00
1 lb.     - $60.00

Sea Whip
Nereocystis leutkeana

Quite salty, with sweet spots and lots of alginate gel. Removes heavy metals. Light and crispy. Good for snacking, condiments, soups.

1/4 lb. - $12.00
1 lb.     - $40.00


A red algae. Historically eaten by cultures throughout the earth; source of B vitamins & B12, highest in protein, lowest iodine content, slightly sweet. Versatile, easy to crumble as a condiment, delicious toasted with almonds. Used for sushi sheets, we offer it in its natural leaf form.

3 oz.    - $12.00
1 lb.     - $48.00


A brown Alga in the order Fucales.

3 oz.  - $16.00
1 lb.   - $60.00
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